Toyota Starlet Glanza EP91/EP82 HDi X01-R INTERCOOLER KIT

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Fully bolt in all bends and brackets included for easy fitment!
Introducing the  GT2 Intercooler, it is 10% lighter than the GT SPEC thanks to improvements in design and manufacturing. 
We have also integrated our new HDi Clamps to the inlet and outlet 
It is 35% lighter that the Monster Intercooler and offers 15 tube rows for greater flow and cooling efficiencies.  
The tube and fin core is extruded for extra strong, capable of operating at 700 Horsepower. 
The piping has been designed to take the shortest possible route with minimal bends and silicon joiners. The HDi CLAMP minimizes silicon ‘steps’ allowing for bigger smoother effective air flow area, and less turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Size in mm (L x W x H): 790 x 92 x 225
  • Structure: HDi 16 rows  GT 2 traverse  tube and fin
  • Finishing: HDi GT2 Seamless side tank polished
  • Pressure drop (psi): 0.8
  • Flow rate CFM: >700
  • Approximate temperature drop Degree(C’) at 15 psi: 82-95
  • Recommendation: 1.8L-4.0L turbo charged
  • Mandrel bent polished aluminium pipes
  • Silicon hoses
  • Tbolt Hose clamps
  • HDI intercooler to suit
  • brackets

Tested  on our Toyota Starlet EP91 project which gain 3.7kg/m
820mm x 216mm x 94mm Tube and Fin designed intercooler capable of over 700 Horsepower.
Also available  on Ford XR6 BA, Subaru GDB, SF5 and Toyota EP82/91