IGN-1CD Capacitive Coil

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Here’s a race coil designed for CDI applications that’s small and inexpensive enough to use one per cylinder, if you’re so inclined. The IGN-1CD is vibration resistant and can be mounted at any angle.  Also works with MSD, Mallory Hyfire, and other capacitive discharge boxes when using a distributor. While many CDI coils have just two connections, the IGN-1CD is one of the few CDI coils you’ll find in this price range to add a secondary ground connection islolating the primary side from the secondary. It uses standard HEI type spark plug wire boots.

Here is the IGN-1CD pinout, using the pins marked on the connector (sold separately):

A – “Positive” terminal, wire to the terminal on a CDI box used for coil positive
B – “Negative” terminal, wire to the terminal on a CDI box used for coil negative
C – Secondary ground, connect to cylinder head.

For example, if you were wiring this to an MSD 6A, wire the orange wire to A and the black wire to B.

The IGN-1CD proves to be a very solid, robust coil that will perform when dwell is set up correctly. Excessive dwell or duty cycle will result in meltdown.  As with any race coils, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty.