IGN-1 Inductive Coil
IGN-1 Inductive Coil

IGN-1 Inductive Coil

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Here’s a hot coil at a reasonable price.  The IGN-1 shares the same internal core as an IGN-1A, but without the built-in ignitor. This can be used for distributors or coil per plug. Use with BIP737 or an external ignition module.  IGN-1 Inductive Coil is vibration resistant, can be mounted at any angle and is one of the few performance coils you’ll find in this price range to add a secondary ground connection to isolate the primary side from the secondary. It uses standard HEI type spark plug wire boots.

Here is the IGN-1 pinout, using the pins marked on the connector 

A  (towards edge of coil)  –  Positive terminal, to battery power.
B  (center)  –  Negative terminal, wire to ignition module.
C  (towards inside of coil)  –  Secondary ground, connect to cylinder head.
*Note: For capacitive discharge ignitions like an MSD box, see our IGN1-CD.

Electrical specifications:

Primary Resistance: 0.5 Ω +/- 10%
Primary Inductance: 4.8 mH +/- 15%
Secondary Resistance: 8.5 kΩ +/- 20%
Secondary Inductance: 22.5 H +/- 20%
Output Voltage: 41 kV +/- 10%
Output Energy: 118 mJ +/- 7%
Peak Secondary Current: 100 mA +/- 7%
Arc Duration: 3.2 mS +/- 10%
Turns Ratio 71:1
Standard Dwell: 3.0 mS