HDi MBC-R Manual Boost Controller

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The boost controller is specially designed with the effective Ceramic Ball Spring Regulator ( CBSR TM ) effectively reduced the friction and the reaction time takes in relation to the boost regulation i.e. reduce boost over shoot which most manual boost controller have. 
By utilising ceramic ball which have low thermo resistance and have long lasting wears resistance in order for maximum life expectancy.
It is made of T-6061 light weight high strength aluminium to limit thermo expansion in the engine bay.

HDi EBC-R is suitable for all kind of turbo set up both internal and external wastegate. Installation is extremely simple just connect it in between the turbo compressor housing and the wastegate. 
Adjustment is also simple, turn clockwise to increase boost and counter clockwise to decrease boost. 

Operation: turn top adjustment knob clockwise to increase boost counter clockwise to reduce boost