Crankshaft Position Sensor Hall Threaded CAS

Crankshaft Position Sensor Hall Threaded CAS

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Anodized aluminum hall effect crankshaft or camshaft position sensor. Also suitable for use as a vehicle speed sensor (VSS).  Threads are M12 and mounting nuts are included.  Runs off 5 to 24 volts, and gives a nice square wave so there’s no variable voltage issues. Has a 1 meter long, 3 wire pigtail. Here’s what the wires do:

Brown – Supply voltage; connect to either VREF for 5 volt operation or 12 volt switched power.

Black – Output signal. On an MS3Pro, this connects to the CKP+, CMP+, or digital frequency inputs. On a MegaSquirt, connects to pin 24. We just set our MegaSquirt up for the VR conditioner and it works great. V3.0 MicroSquirts can also do this, but older MicroSquirts will need to use the Hall effect input. Note that this sensor requires a pull up resistor. This tees into both the supply voltage and the output signal wire. Use a 1K resistor when powering it with 5 volts (not included) or a 2.4K resistor (included) when powering it with 12 volts.

Blue – Ground.

this version requires a pull up resistor.



Operating voltage: 5 to 24 volts

Maximum overvoltage and reverse voltage: +30 to -24 volts

Maximum supply current required: 6 mA

Maximum output current sinking: 20 mA

Output type: Open collector

Maximum frequency: 15 kHz

Temperature range: -40 to +125 degrees C

Nominal air gap: 1.5 mm

Thread pitch: M12 x 1 mm

Overall length: 25.4 mm, not including wires

Package material: Aluminum

Sensor orientiation: Not directional

Recommended tooth size is a rectangle measuring at least 2.5 mm x 6.35 mm, with a 5.0 mm tooth height.