AXM-120 VR Converter to Hall
AXM-120 VR Converter to Hall

AXM-120 VR Converter to Hall

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Easily convert from Sine (VR signal) to a Square wave (5v Hall digital)

We have had great success with these with VR Crank sensors


Use this module to convert the sine wave signal from a VR (variable reluctor) signal into an easy to handle square wave.  The AXM-120 VR conditioner works with camshaft position, crankshaft position, vehicle speed, or similar sensors. Common uses for this include:

  • Reading VR sensors for ECUs that have a limited number of VR conditioners, such as an MS3 Pro 1st gen or MS3x
  • Using the MS3’s traction control with speed sensors on all four wheels
  • VR cam sensors with severe noise issues at low speeds. Common examples include Nippondenso 24/1 and Subaru 6/7 trigger arrangements.

Technical details

The AXM-120 is based around a Texas Instruments LM1815 conditioner. The AXM-120 will produce a 5 volt pulse when the input voltage goes negative. The module uses an adaptive filter to ensure that the signals received must have a peak voltage of at least 80% of the previous pulse, rejecting lower voltage pulses as noise. Minimum trigger voltage is 45 mV when the module originally powers up.
• Input: A/C sine wave from VR sensor
◦ Minimum trigger voltage: 45 mV
◦ Max input voltage: 108V peak to peak
• Output: 0-5V DC square wave, no pull up required
• Supply voltage: 7.0 to 22.0 volts DC
• Current draw: < 20 mA

The VR conditioner module uses an Amphenol AT connector, compatible with Deutsch DT and other motorsports connectors. We use conformal coating to protect against moisture, but don’t submerge it in water. Connector and pins are included.

Technical Details
• Input: 6.2V to 33.5V continuous, 1500 V peak
• Output type: Inverting, 0 to supply voltage
• System power voltage: 5.0V to 29.0V

Made in the USA.