54 mm Optical Trigger Wheel for Nissan L28ET or VG30E

54 mm Optical Trigger Wheel for Nissan L28ET or VG30E

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Convert your Nissan CAS to a more Aftermarket ECU -friendly arrangement with our bolt in optical shutter wheel!
This replaces the stock low-resolution Nissan trigger wheel that has four slits with a higher resolution 24-2 wheel crank trigger. Intended for use with MS1, MS2 or MS3.  (MS3 has experimental support for the stock CAS however this will still provide higher resolution ignition timing!) This is intended for use on the following Nissan motors, in alphabetical order. This will also give you the capability of running sequential fuel and spark. You do not need another CAM position sensor.

  • L28ET (1982 to 1983; earlier L28s used a variable reluctor sensor)
  • KA24E (please check before ordering; some KA24Es may have used a 50 mm)
  • VG30E
  • VG30ET

It may also fit other Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru applications. Look for a 54 mm outer diameter with a D-shaped hole in the center. Distributor equipped engines can gain extra resolution and more precise timing, while cars with coil on plug can now use MegaSquirt without having to add a crank trigger. Easy bolt on installation, just take the cover off your CAS or distributor, remove the rotor on a distributor, and undo the big Philips screw in the middle. Once you’ve got that, it just drops in. The disc is laser etched which side goes up so you cannot mess up!

Click HERE for how to use this trigger disc with MegaSquirt.