5 x Tyco 4Pin Sealed Weatherpack Connector kit

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4 Pin quick release waterproof electrical connectors could be used for many applications such as automotive, motorcycle and marine. The housing are numbered for easy application and very easy to connect! Make your electrical installation and REMOVAL an easier time also makes your work look PROFESSIONAL.  please look at my store for more plugs / connectors and standalone fuel injection systems.

  • Suitable for Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Caravans, Boats and other Marine Vehicles
  • Working Temperature: -25~85 Degree
  • Waterproof Class: IP68
  • numbered terminals for easy installation
  • Rated Voltage: 300V, Rated Current: 12A
  • 1.5mm Terminal
  • Pin Number: 4
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black

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  • 5 x Male Connector Housing
  • 5 x Female Connector Housing
  • 20 x Male Pin
  • 20 x Female Pin
  • 40x Silicone Waterproof Plug