HDi GT2440  Intercooler

HDi GT2440 Intercooler

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The specially designed GT2440 intercooler is a 25 row tube and fin intercooler designed for greater strength and flow. The end tanks have been specifically designed to provide sufficient air volume to the total core to minimise pressure drop. The end tanks are a revolutionary new construction making this intercooler the strongest, lightest and highest flowing XR6  intercooler on the market. This has set the bench mark for high performance intercooler kits world wide.

  • Approx. Weight (kg): 6.5g
  • Used in (hp): 750HP
  • Core Size in mm (L x W x H): 440 x 80 x 510
  • Total Size With End Tanks in mm (L x W x H): 660 x 80 x 510
  • Structure: HDi 25 rows GT 2 traverse tube and fin
  • Outlet: 2.75” / HDi clamp
  • Finishing: HDi GT2 Seamless side tank polished
  • Pressure drop (psi): 0.2
  • Flow rate CFM: >900
  • Approximate temperature drop Degree(C’) at 15 psi: 77-98