IGN1A Smart Coil
IGN1A Smart Coil
IGN1A Smart Coil
IGN1A Smart Coil

IGN1A Smart Coil

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The IGN1A Smart Coil by AMP EFI requires no CDI Ignition Module to produce 103 mJ per spark, with a longer spark duration (2.9 ms) than what you’d see with a capacitive discharge. 

Each IGN1A Smart Coil features a 19 amp IGBT ignitor built in and can be driven with a 5 volt logic level output – an MS3X or MS3Pro will run them directly (set spark output to going high), and we recommend a 270 to 330 ohm pullup if you’re building a MegaSquirt 1 or MegaSquirt 2 to drive them and can fully charge with as low as 2.5 ms of dwell. Normally, you’d use them for a distributorless ignition as a coil per plug application, however they can be fired sequentially or every crank revolution (wasted spark coil per plug). If used as a single coil with a distributor, you may need to run a bit less dwell to prevent heat buildup from being an issue.  Maximum recommended duty cycle is 40%. Requires HEI-type plug wire ends/ boots.

Here is the connector pinout:

A – Ignition signal from ECU
B – Logic ground, connect to ECU ground
C – Spark wire ground, connect to cylinder head
D – Power ground, connect to battery negative
E – 12 volt power

The coil dwell starts when a 5 volt signal is applied to pin A and the coil fires when the voltage drops to zero. The signal is similar to an LSx coil, although it does need a bit more current to trigger.

Smart Coil specs:

Minimum Output Voltage  (no load, at recommended dwell): 40,000 volts
Maximum Output Voltage: up to 81,000 volts (+/- 10%)
Output energy: 103 mJ
Spark duration: 2.9 ms
Primary resistance: 0.5 ohms (not directly measurable)
Primary inductance: 4.8 mH (not directly measurable)
Secondary resistance: 8,500 ohms
Secondary inductance: 22.5 H
Turns ratio: 71.1
Maximum current: 19 amps
Maximum battery voltage: 17 volts
Nominal dwell: 3.0 ms

Excessive dwell or duty cycle may cause meltdown.  As with any race coil, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty.