Innovate SCG-1 Wideband Gauge and Boost Controler 52mm
Innovate SCG-1 Wideband Gauge and Boost Controler 52mm

Innovate SCG-1 Wideband Gauge and Boost Controler 52mm

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This combines four devices in one: It’s a boost gauge; It’s a wideband O2 sensor gauge; It’s a boost controller; And it’s a shift light, all in one package that fits in a 52 mm gauge pod. Since it knows both your boost pressure and your air/fuel ratio, it will automatically cut boost if you go lean. It can also send the data it’s reading (RPM, air/fuel ratio, and boost pressure) to a Pocket Logger or other Innovate devices. Here are the highlights, from Innovate:

  • All-in-one, intelligent boost controller and wideband air/fuel ratio controller
  • Controller and display housed in 52mm (2 1/6”) gauge body
  • Patented DirectDigital™ Wideband Technology
  • Boost control adjustment up to 44psi (4 BAR MAP Sensor)
  • User programmable boost cut safety using Air/Fuel and Pressure references
  • Programmable waste gate reference pressure threshold
  • Programmable solenoid duty cycle with separate gain control function
  • No PC required for configuration and use (Required for data logging)
  • OLED user configurable display
  • Programmable shift light
  • Wideband O² Compatible with ALL fuel types
  • Ability to Calibrate O² sensor for maximum accuracy
  • *One configurable linear 0-5v analog output
  • 4 channels of log-able data (MAP, RPM, A/F, WG duty)
  • Accessory O² sensor cable lengths sold separately: 3ft, 8ft (Included), and 18ft
  • Positive lock connectors for all connections
  • Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with other Innovate MTS enabled devices)

This package includes the SCG-1 gauge, Wideband oxygen O² sensor, 8 ft sensor cable, O² sensor weld-on bung, 4 BAR Map sensor, Solenoid w/bracket, Vacuum hose kit, Black/Silver bezel, Black/White faceplate, Serial program cable, & Installation manual.